How to be Massive and How to Deal with Poxes on a Daily Basis

Aoife’s comical, astute observations paired with her brilliant illustrations make How to Deal with Poxes a must-have survival guide because, let’s face it, there’s always some pox wrecking your buzz on a daily basis.

(With her second book comedienne and illustrator Aoife Dooley is on a mission. There’s been a growing epidemic of poxes and buzz-wreckers everywhere and something needs to be done)

08/03     2.30pm     Free     Charleville Mall Library (Charleville Mall, North Strand, D1)                                                                                      Website | Facebook     Reading


Teethmarks on my Tongue by Eileen Battersby

Literary critic, Eileen Battersby will read from her psychologically astute first novel, Teethmarks on My Tongue. The book opens in 1986 with the teenaged narrator, Helen Stockton Defoe of Richmond, Virginia, watching her
mother being shot to death on television by her unhinged lover.

08/03     3pm     Free     Charleville Mall Library (Charleville Mall, North Strand, D1)      Reading